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By optimising the parameters of the electronic control unit (Engine Control Unit), chiptuning increases the power (+25%) and the torque (+35%) of your engine to give you more driving pleasure.

Vehicles equipped with electronic box (or Engine control Unit) which serves to check the parameters linked to the proper running of the engine whilst regulating its efficiency.

By adapting the original software contained in this electronic control unit to meet your expectations, chiptuning permits significant optimisation of the engine’s efficiency and power without any risk to its reliability.

The increase in power obtained in this way offers better acceleration whilst the improvement in torque allows better pickup on overtaking.

In addition making it feel more flexibility and greater acceleration.

How does optimisation of the original program work?

We read out the data from the original programming and store it so as to be able to restore it free of charge if you wish if you sell on your vehicle.  Then we make modifications to the programming and input the new data into your vehicle’s electronic control unit.

How can I be sure that the power and torque have really been increased?

You will feel more acceleration and more flexibility.

What are the risks for my vehicle?

This optimisation represents absolutely no risk! In fact, the parameters are modified within the manufacturer’s tolerances.

However, they are completely reversible. If for instance you wish to sell on your car with its original power, we will reinput the original parameters into your engine’s electronic control unit.  Lastly, passing the MOT will not present any problem and the life of your engine will remain unchanged.

Why did the manufacturer not set the parameters of the box to maximum performance in the first place?

Manufacturers regulate their engines to meet different constraints. Vehicles must be capable of driving just as well in Finland in the winter as in Morocco in the summer and of doing so regardless of the user’s style of driving. And the quality of the fuel is not identical in all countries, so manufacturers must strike a compromise in their original programming so that every vehicle works properly everywhere.  Lastly, many manufacturers restrain their car engines for reasons of market positioning. So we adapt the parameters of your car’s electronic control unit to your driving and your environment whilst remaining within the tolerances imposed by the manufacturer.

Economy tuning

By optimising your engine’s torque at low revs, Economy tuning reduces consumption by up to 12% whilst offering you a more comfortable drive.

By optimising the programming of the electronic control unit that manages your engine’s parameters, economy tuning acts directly on your vehicle’s torque at low revs.

This specific reprogramming allows your vehicle to reach – for a comparable drive – the same speed within an identical time whilst pressing the accelerator pedal significantly less hard.

To reach the same speed, you will push your engine less at high revs, which is particularly greedy on fuel, thereby leading to a reduction in consumption … and an indisputable saving for your wallet!

Note: Some vehicles may vary.

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