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A Case Study

This is a prefect case how important ACC or Lane Assist is important to be calibrated.

This Golf R came to us from a Body shop after it had work carried out to the underneath of the vehicle, it had replaced the following.

Front Sub frame
Exhaust System

Fuel Tank

And Steering Track Rod Arm

We carried out 4 Wheel Geometry, which the rear axle didn't require any adjustments, the front sub frame required only a small amount of adjustment was required. The O/S (Drivers Side) toe required adjustment as well.

After all the adjustments where carried out, we then connect the VAS6160A  to carry out the ACC (Radar) calibration, as you can see below how much adjustment was required to calibrate the Radar.



So the conclusion is even thou the radar wasn't damaged, it shows after the sub frame and steering work how the ACC or Lane assist calibration should be carried out.


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